Kunle Adeyemi is a Nigerian architect and urbanist. As an Associate Partner at the world renowned Office of Metropolitan Architecture O.M.A. in Rotterdam, he worked on high profile buildings and design projects around the world. In doing so he became a highly regarded and widely published expert on urbanism, particularly with regard to cities in so-called developing countries.

In 2009, he took the bold step of leaving O.M.A. to set up his own architecture and design practice. His objective in doing so was to improve the built environment and quality of life in developing cities via architecture, design and urban interventions.

World famous NLÉ

NLÉ now employs a number of people across the disciplines of architecture, design, research and client relations. It is involved in a number of high profile architectural and urbanist
projects and is often invited to compete in competitions for prestigious projects. In particular, it has become famous for the Makoko Floating School project, which NLE initiated and designed.

Africa Floating Cities

Powered by the Makoko Floating School, NLÉ has emerged as a pioneering thinker, doer and activist in this area, having identified Floating Cities as a solution to many of
Africa’s, and indeed the world’s, problems.

Naming and logo

XYLO, or ‘Xylophone‘, refers to the building’s iconic exterior. The wooden slats recall the form of the instrument. XYLO means ‘wood‘ in greek.

Coming soon
Building exterior under construction
XYLO pattern

Project usage and purpose

A productive ‘wholesome’ workspace and inviting meeting point for commercial tenants and other local businesses. Including possibly a gym, and a health conscious rooftop restaurant. Initiating a bold new form of urban expression in Lagos, envisioned architecture design by NLÉ.
Immediate community: High commercial traffic in one of the most premium commercial real estate areas in Lagos; Victoria Island.

Naming concept

XYLO, or ‘Xylophone‘, refers to the building’s iconic
exterior. The wooden slats recall the form of the instrument. A combining word-form that means ‘wood‘ in greek.

Brand concept: A contemporary work community

Earth bound. Conscious use of available local materials.Solutions. Reclamation in a sustainable, innovative framework. Transformation. An existing derelict building to bold innovative statement of urbanization

Brand tonality

Pure, sensuous and natural, ‘raw’. Progressive, soulful and naturally cosmopolitan.

Scope of Work


    Starting with a totally clean slate, the new practice required:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Corporate identity
  • Company manifest
  • Suit of assets for digital media
  • Stationary
    • Working closely with the client, all of this achieved in just a few weeks between December 2009 and February 2010.